Nucleopore® DNA Methylation Kit

Code: NP-5005D

Pack Size: 50 reaction


The Nucleo-pore® DNA Methylation Kit combines DNA denaturation and bisulfite conversion processes into one-step. The uracils are amplified as thymines, and 5-mC residues are amplified as cytosines in PCR. Method involves incubation of the target DNA with sodium bisulfite resulting in conversion of unmethylated cytosine residues into uracil, this leaves the methylated cytosines unchanged. Therefore, bisulfite treatment gives rise to different DNA sequences for methylated and unmethylated DNA. The Nucleo-pore® DNA Methylation Kit utilizes on-column desulphonation, eliminating tedious DNA precipitation steps. The kit is designed to minimize product degradation or loss during treatment and clean-up, to with complete conversion of unmethylated cytosines. . The eluted DNA is suited for all techniques currently used for the analysis of DNA methylation, including PCR, real-time PCR, bisulfate sequencing and Pyrosequencing and microarrays, etc.


Features and Benefits:

DNA Input: Samples containing 500pg – 2μg of DNA. For optimal results. Conversion Efficiency: >99% of non-methylated C residues are converted to U >99% protection of methylated cytosines. DNA Recovery: > 75%