GeneMag Viral DNA/RNA Purification Kit (Prefilled)

GeneMag Viral DNA/RNA Purification Kit (Prefilled)

Code: GXMAG-PF96


The GeneMag Viral DNA/RNA Purification Kit is designed for rapid purification of highquality nucleic acid (RNA and DNA) from virus in samples such as swabs, saliva, blood, bodily fluid, plasma/serum, urine, and viral  transport media (VTM).


Features and Benefits:

The GeneMag Viral DNA/RNAPurification Kits are automation -ready plates prefilled suitably configured for Magnetic bead based automatic Nucleic acid extraction system. Nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) from a complex with magnetic beads in a specially formulated buffer. The beads / nucleic acids complex is then separated from lysates using a magnet. Purified DNA/RNA are then eluted when the buffer condition is adjusted. Special magnetic beads technology enables purification of high-quality nucleic acids that are free of proteins, nucleases, and other impurities

Product Specifications:

  1. Ready to use plates with easy protocol
  2. Minimum hands and time needed to extract with good amout of yield.
  3. ICMR Approved.
  4. Compatibility to other extraction systems.