Company Profile

Genetix is on the leading edge in the Life-Science spectrum in India since Genetix started its journey three decades ago.  We are sincerely serving Life-Science Research, Academia, and Industries; not only giving options for high-quality products but rendering prompt and quality services through our Nation-Wide network comprising SAP-connected six regional offices and own sales representatives in all major cities in India.

Genetix works as a consultant to support the product and application needs of the scientific community as such maintain a quality knowledge pool comprising a dozen Ph.D. and about a hundred highly qualified sales and marketing team. To support urgent needs and ease of procurement, Genetix keeps in stock around twenty thousand SKUs in its own warehouse situated in New Delhi which has the best connectivity to any part of our vast country. The warehouse uses all kinds of state of the art facilities for proper storage of scientific products including sensitive and delicate perishable items. As a distributor, Genetix represents mostly USA and European companies and also sources imported raw materials from them.

We also have our own production centre in New Delhi for producing ‘Genetix-Brand’ of Instruments, Reagents, and Kits.  Same facility is attached with a QC and training laboratory which also being used to train users and solving application challenges. Genetix is also a part of the ‘Make In India’ initiative following the vision of the honourable Prime Minister of India.

Genetix was in the forefront in the fight against Covid19 since 2020. Quickly developed own RT-PCR Kits and Extraction Kit as well as Extraction machine. Genetix contributed heavily to save thousands of lives alongwith doctors and covid workers.

We can go through our vast product range in our website with the option to search detail of products through your application, product, and category whichever is best suited for you.  Can write / call us for further detail (.

Genetix new venture in the Core-Healthcare segment hailed several unique products that changing the course of ‘Advance Would Management’  reducing the suffering of the patients by quicker recovery.

Genetix always looks forward to learning from our valued customers and well-wishers.  As such your feedback will be treated with utmost sincerity.  As well as it will be our pleasure to serve you in a win-win proposition and sustainable manner.