Message from CEO

“I come from a non-business background and am a first-generation entrepreneur. 34 years ago, I started this business with very little money. The import regulations were very tough then, and not many would dare to put their money and effort into such a business. But with our unique cutting edge technology and best product mix, we have always been 5-10 years ahead of the competition, in terms of quality and logistic support. Having full-time and hands-on promoters has also contributed greatly to our success. In 2010, we created our ‘Genetix Brand’ and in 2011, diversified into core healthcare with medical devices with the formation of ‘365 Medical’ for distribution of products for Advance Wound Management, Critical Care and Ostomy.”

“We’re generally regarded as a ‘First Doer’ in the global market in many respects. We were the first to create a completely new business model in the biotech industry. Genetix Biotech was the first company in Life Sciences to start warehousing products and was the only one to come up with the first Catalogue in 1996. We were the first company in the Life Sciences market that provided over 10,000 SKUs from our inventory through our warehouse. Genetix Biotech is the only company having a ‘Wet Lab’, wherein we train and guide customers and help in trouble-shooting any complaints. We also pioneered employing road shows and seminars to project our ideas.”

“At Genetix Biotech, we have the largest trained and talented human resource pool in our field. We are a one-stop shop with an inventory of over 20, 000 products and have been the only company offering these products in the shortest possible time. Apart from offering a platform to a number of young new entrepreneurs, we have also provided employment to hundreds of highly-educated people.”

“Firstly, having a definite vision and clarity of goals is important. Hard work, dedication and a focussed approach are integral to success. Integrity, honesty and leveraging long-term credibility, in addition to having an efficient customer service that is aimed at client satisfaction, are also needed to ensure that the firm is in a steady Win-Win situation. For us, every issue was a learning one. Every success was the result of a failure.”

Arun Prakash