RNASure® Plant Mini Kit

Code: NP-84905/NP-84907

Pack Size: 50 reaction, 250 reaction


RNASure® Plant kit is simple reliable and rapid method for the isolation of total RNA from plant cells and tissues or filamentous fungi. Within 30 minute high quality of RNA can be prepared from 10mg of plant tissues. If used in RT-PCR applications we recommend using intron-spanning primers. The kit is supplied with rDNase for an on-column digestion to have minimal DNA contamination. An optional digestion with rDNase can be performed for most demanding applications.


Features and Benefits:

Format: Spin Column based; Processing Time: 30 min; Sample Input: upto 30mg tissue; Elution Volume: 60ul. RNA Purity: A260/280 ratio 1.9-2.1. RNA Yield: 70ug.