DNASure® Plant Mini Kit

Code: NP-79105/NP-79107

Pack Size: 50 reaction, 250 reaction


DNASure Plant kits are specifically designed for the genomic DNA isolation from plant tissue and other biological samples like soil using two lysis buffer systems based on the conventional CTAB and SDS methods. DNASure Shredder columns are included for conveniently clearing the crude lysates. RNase A is included to remove RNA and to allow photometric quantification of pure genomic DNA. The optimized Binding Buffer BBC and the optional chaotropic Wash Buffer WB1 completely remove proteins, RNA, metabolites, and other PCR inhibitors. The eluted DNA is ready-to-use for subsequent reactions like PCR, restriction analysis, Southern Blotting etc.


Features and Benefits:

Format: Spin column; Processing Time: 30 min; Sample Input: 1-30mg (dry), 100mg tissue, Elution Volume: 50- 100ul . DNA Purity: A260/280 ratio 1.8-1.9. DNA Yield: upto 30ug.