Surespin Plasmid Mini Kit

Code: NP-37105/NP-37107

Pack Size: 50 reaction, 250 reaction


The SureSpin Plasmid mini kits are designed for the rapid, smallscale preparation of highly pure plasmid DNA (mini preps). The SureSpin Plasmid Column offer a very high DNA binding capacity of up to 60 μg. This, however,requires thorough washing.Therefore, the kit includes an additional Wash Buffer PW which is strongly recommended for host strains with high levels of endonucleases like ABLE,HB101, or JM110. No additional steps are necessary if nuclease rich host strains are used. The number of washing and drying steps is reduced from 3 to only 1, therefore, the hands-on-time is less than 11 min. However, the DNA binding capacity is limited to 50 μg.This kit can be used in application of Automated Flurescence, PCR, RT-PCR.


Features and Benefits:

Processing Time: 25 min; Sample Input: 1-5 ml, Elution Volume: 50ul . DNA Purity: A260/280 ratio 1.8-1.9.