RNASure® Fusion RNA Mini Kit

Code: NP-101503

Pack Size: 100 reaction


RNASure® Fusion RNA Mini Kit is a complete kit with ready-to-use reagent for the
isolation of total RNA from tissue samples or cultured cells. This kit utilizes the lysis method of GeneZol™ CT RNA Extraction Reagent which has a powerful ability of lysis and the purification method based on glassfiber membrane technology. Samples are homogenized in GeneZol™ CT RNA Extraction Reagent, a monophasic solution containing phenol and guanidine salt, which rapidly lyse cells and inactivates nucleases. Addition of chloroform brings about a separation of the homogenate into aqueous and organic phases. RNA locates in the aqueous phase while DNA and protein remain in the interphase and organic phase The purified RNA is suitable for the isolation of Poly A RNA, Northern blotting, Dotblotting, in vitro Translation, cloning, RT-PCR, RNase protection assays, and other analytical procedures.


Features and Benefits:

Format: Spin based format; Samples input: ~ 100 mg or ~ 1 x 107 cells; Maximum loading volume ~ 700 ul; Minimum elution volume ~ 30 ul; Maximum binding capacity ~ 500 ug