Nucleopore® E.coli Transformation Kit

Code: NP-1003T

Pack Size: 20 reaction


The E. coli Transformation Kit is a simple 3 steps protocol; culturing the desired E. coli strain in Broth TB medium, washing and resuspending the cells in the specially formulated buffer sets for highly efficient DNA transformation. The protocol eliminates the requirement of heat-shocking and related procedures. The kit provides a special supplementary protocol for directly adding DNA to prepared competent cells and the mixture spread on to a culture plate. Transformation efficiencies typically range from 108 –109 Transformants/μg of pUC19 DNA, but can vary depending on the strain of E. coli.


Features and Benefits:

The Kit features a specially formulated Broth TB as a growth medium which increases E. coli transformation efficiency, to a typically of 5 to 100-fold for most lab strains.