GeneZol CT RNA Extraction Reagent

Code: PG-100103

Pack Size: 100 ml


GeneZol CT RNA Extraction Reagent is a complete kit with ready-to-use reagent for the isolation of total RNA from samples of human, animal, plant, yeast, or bacterial and viral origin. GeneZol CT RNA Extraction Reagent is based on disruption of cells in guanidine salt/detergent solution, followed by organic extraction and alcohol precipitation of the RNA, which allows simultaneous processing of a large number of samples. GeneZol CT RNA Extraction Reagent can yield up to 10 ug/mg tissue or up to 22 ug / 1 x 107 cultured cells of highly purified total RNA. The resulting total RNA is suitable for the isolation of Poly A+ RNA or for Northern blotting, Dot blotting, in vitro Translation, cloning, RT-PCR,
Rnase protection assays, and other analytical procedures.


Features and Benefits:

Format: Monophase solution type; sample size: upto 100 mg; Homogenize 50 ~ 100 mg tissue samples in 1 ml GeneZol or Homogenize 5 ~ 10 x 106 cells in 1 ml GeneZol; Yield of total RNA: 10 ug – 60 ug. This is suitable for all type of tissues.