GeneSure™ SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix (2X), ROX Solution

GeneSure™ SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix (2X), ROX Solution

Code: PGK025A, PGK025B

Pack Size: 200 reaction, 1000 reaction


The GeneSure SYBR Green Kit is a high-performance reagent designed for superior sensitivity and specificity on various real-time instruments. The Gene Sure SYBR Green Kit employs a hot-start DNA polymerase, for high PCR specificity and sensitivity. Gene Sure Mix is inactivate and possesses no polymerase activity during the reaction set-up, preventing non-specific amplification including primer-dimer formation. For ease-of-use and added convenience, Gene Sure SYBR Green is provided as a 2x master mix containing all the components necessary for real-time PCR, including the SYBR Green I dye, dNTPs, stabilizers ROX solution is provided separately.

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Features and Benefits:

Simple and reproducible: A choice of optimized kits for different platforms, just add primers and template, reducing possible errors in set-up
Specific and sensitive: For detection of a wide range of template concentration.