G-Script One -Step RT-PCR Hot Start Kit

Code: PGK145A, PGK145B

Pack Size: 50 rxn, 100 rxn


Puregene G-Script one Step RT-PCR Hot start Kit supplies all the components required to perform rapid, sensitive and reproducible RT-PCR for the detection and analysis of RNA. G-script Enzyme Mix includes G-Script Reverse Transcriptase which is active at high temperatures, is highly sensitive and can generate long cDNA strands. This mix also contain RNase inhibitor to protect RNA templates from degradation. 2X one step PCR Hot start Master Mix, proprietary reaction buffer which has been optimized to allow both reverse transcription and PCR amplication to occur in the same reaction across a wide range of template. In this RT accelerator is included to remove contaminating DNA, eliminating the need for DNase I treatment. It degrades double stranded DNA during the transcription of RNA and is inactivated during the activation step of the G-Start DNA polymerase.


Features and Benefits:

G-script is an RNA dependent DNA polymerase with a significantly attenuated RNase H activity. It can synthesized long cDNA upto 11 kb at a temperature range of 42-57 degree Celsius. Store at -20 degree Celsius. Avoid repeated freeze thawing.