Code: NP-67707


RNASure Virus kits are designed for the rapid preparation of highly pure viral nucleic acids (e.g. HCV, HIV, DENV and H1N1) from biological fluid samples such as serum, plasma, CSF, cell culture supernatant and transport medium of swabs etc.


Features and Benefits:

RNA viruses are lysed by Lysis Buffer VLB1. Addition of Carrier RNA improves binding and recovery of low concentrated viral RNA. The RNA binds to the membrane and contaminants (potential PCR inhibitors) like salts, metabolites and soluble macromolecular cellular components are removed efficiently in two wash steps using two different buffers VWB and VWB3. The nucleic acids can be eluted in low salt buffer or water (RNase free) and are ready-for use in subsequent downstream applications like PCR, real time PCR etc. The high quality purified RNA is free of any contaminants and inhibitors; and ready for direct use or safe storage.

Product Specifications:

RNASure Virus kits are designed for the rapid preparation of highly pure viral nucleic acids (e.g. HCV, HIV, DENV, H1N1) from fluid biological samples e.g. serum, plasma, body fluid, cell cultured supernatant, and from transport medium of swabs. RNASure Virus kit is intended for general laboratory use. RNASure Virus kit is suitable for 150μL of sample as starting material.
Yield & quality of the prepared nucleic acid is suitable for further application like DNA Sequencing, RT-PCR, RNA dot blots, cDNA transcription, Taqman analysis and array technologies.
The detection limit of certain viruses depends upon the individual procedures. We recommend using internal (low copy) standards as well as positive and negative control to monitor the purification, amplification and detection processes. The procedure is designed to avoid Sample to Sample cross contaminations and allow safe handling of infectious samples.