50 liter Automatic autoclave

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50 liter Automatic autoclave

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Features and Benefits:

Designed pressure: 0.26Mpa.
Designed temperature: 150°C.
Rated working pressure: 0.22Mpa.
Sterilization temperature: 105°C-136°C.
Sterilization time range: 0-99min.
Material of chamber: SUS 304
Accessories: stainless steel sterilization baskets 2
Process, temperature, time dynamic LCD displayed, Fault automatic displayed and alarm.
Positive pressure pulse function exhaust cool air of chamber thoroughly
Horizontal sliding door, self- bulge seal ring.
operated easily.
Printer is available for optional
Chamber size: Ø385  x L495mm
External size: 616 x 476 x 990 mm, 65kg