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Microdacyn is manufactured with a patented US Microcyn Technology. Microdacyn is a pH neutral Super oxidized solution along with Hypochlorous Acid and Sodium hypochlorite with good stability of 18 months. These products are Non Cytotoxic, Steroid Free and Non irritating and being effectively used for all kinds of wounds by patients across the Globe, having 44 global clinical publications and awarded by 11 US FDAs.

Microdacyn controls infection by killing all strains of microbes within 30 seconds of application.

The Hypochlorous acid attacks the cell wall of the micro-organisms and increases its permeability. The increasing internal pressure causes the cells to burst.

Microdacyn Features summary:

1. Infection control
>> Reduces Microbial Load and Prevents & Reduces Infections
>> Also effective against BIOFILM

2. Inflammation control
>>Anti-Inflammatory & Anti- Allergenic

3. Stimulation of Wound Healing
>>Promotes Fibroblast Migration & Increases Capillary Perfusion

Microdacyn® also has additional features, which make it a product of choice for any kind of Wound Care especially the Chronic & Non Healing Wounds. It is non Cytotoxic, Steroid free, non-irritating, pH neutral. The product does not cause any change in Bacterial or Human RNA & DNA.

Microdacyn® is manufactured with a patented Microcyn┬« Based Technology:

>> Generated through a unique, patented electrochemical process of dilute saltwater
>> A pH neutral solution of Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) and Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), is generated.
>> Provides superior product Efficacy Safety and Stability through a patented Microcyn® manufacturing system.
>> Unique chemistry for stability and shelf life of 2 years.

Microdacyn is being effectively used for all kinds of wounds by patients across the Globe. Our product is being used and prescribed in all renowned Medical Institutes across India. More information can be found at
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