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Genetix is one of the oldest and the finest enterprise in the Life Sciences space. We proudly take the credit for building brands for the most Global Life Sciences Companies from the Silicon Valley and Europe. Our products were always been unique, offering cutting edge technologies and best product mix to cover large spectrum of Life Sciences research for New Drug Discoveries, Development and Production of New Biotherapeutics.

Our products and services have always been 5- 10 years ahead of the competition and have been the only Company in Life Sciences market that provides over 10,000 SKU's from our Inventory from our warehouse which is largest in this Industry and a Distribution covering entire Country and South East Asian neighbourhood. Genetix is one few companies having its own Custom Bonded Warehouse at New Delhi.

With a team of 115 employees and over 80 highly qualified members, we are very important vendor not just for researchers, but also for manufacturing Biopharma and Vaccine Companies. To bring value for our customers we have invested heavily in Technical Support – Chromatography Laboratory for our Pharma / Biopharma testing Customers and Molecular & Cell Biology Laboratory for development of products & training our start up customer in Molecular Diagnostics.

Genetix take credit for creating well trained Human resource for the industry in last 25 years and have created completely new business model in the Biotech Industry. Genetix has implemented ISO Quality Systems, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and SAP for better CRM & Operations.

Our new business in core Healthcare Sector is managed by a separate team of 20 professionals changing the course of 'Advance Wound Management" in collaboration with an innovative USA Company "Occulus Innovative Technologies"
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